Recent Publications

  • Tanaka & Amaliah (2022) Current state and prospects of R-packages for the design of experiments
  • Statistical Society of Australia Victorian Branch Annual Report 2021
  • Tanaka, Leung & Cook (2022) Commentary on “Visualization in Operations Management Research”: Incorporating Statistical Thinking into Visualization Practices for Decision Making in Operational Management. INFORMS Journal on Data Science
  • Cook, Reid & Tanaka (2021) The Foundation is Available for Thinking about Data Visualization Inferentially. Harvard Data Science Review

Upcoming talks

    I have no advertised upcoming talks. Please feel free to invite me for a talk if I do something of your interest. You can find some of my past talks here.

Statistical Society of Australia

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Hex stickers

I have now hex stickers for the edibble and deggust R packages. If you see me in-person, feel free to ask for it!