What can social media do for academic and professional statisticians?


Today almost all organizations and institutions would have a social media channel for marketing and communications. Social media use, in particular with Twitter, is increasingly embraced by academics and professionals. Many conferences or events now come with a hashtag (a keyword preceded by a hash) that allows social media users to easily find relevant posts. Statisticians post jobs, report key findings, advertise for events or even have general chatters about work and life using social media.

In the past, interactions with other statisticians around the world were often limited to conferences. Social media has spawned communities that transcend space and hierarchy. One example is the Twitter #rstats community where many R users regularly share and interact with each other from all over the world with little regard for hierarchy and numerous celebrations for openness and sharing of knowledge.

Social media evolved rapidly and while its use is increasing, a large number of the statistical community are unaware of the vibrant community that lurks in this space. I will present about the community, tangible benefits, and opportunities using social media for academic and professional statisticians. Strategies for best use will be discussed.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Special Topic Session organised by Mst Howlader Tamanna with other speakers:

  • Louise M Ryan
  • John Bailer