Effective storytelling via data visualisation


Data visualisation is an area in statistical research conferences that is underrepresented or lacking in discussion despite its widespread use and its extensive power for storytelling. The power of data visualisation is epitomised by the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but those words can be deceptive, misleading or informative. An effective data visualisation can make a real difference in decision-making processes. Edward Tufte, who pioneered in data visualisation, laid some principles for good visualisation such as a requirement of high data-ink ratio. In this talk, I will share somethings I have learnt from Tufte’s books as well as my own experience in communicating graphically with both statisticians and non-statisticians.

Melbourne, Australia
Emi Tanaka
Lecturer in Statistics

My research interests are developing high impact statistical methods and useful, easy-to-use tools for application in bioinformatics, biometrics and biology with a particular focus on agriculture.