Welcome to the Data Wrangling with R Workshop!

This workshop is organised by Statistical Society of Australia and delivered by Dr Emi Tanaka.

About the workshop:

Data wrangling is one of the first key steps necessary before downstream analysis such as visualization or modelling. This workshop will teach you how to wrangle data in the statistical language R using the tidyverse suite of packages, i.e. dplyr, tidyr, stringr, lubridate and forcats. This will include learning about the concept of tidy data and learning the new verbs in dplyr v1.0.0 released early this year. The workshop will be hands-on with plenty of practical examples and time for participants to work through exercises to put what they learnt into practice.

About the presenters:

Emi Tanaka is a Lecturer in Statistics at Monash University and the Vice President of the SSA Victorian Branch. Her research interest is in producing useful statistical tools for practitioners, motivated primarily by applications in bioinformatics and agriculture. She is an experienced and enthusiastic R user and instructor, and regularly teaches university courses and workshops to the broader community on a variety of R-related workshops.

Target audience:

The workshop is suitable for those who know R but are not familiar or comfortable with using the tidyverse suite of R packages to do data wrangling.

Learning objectives: