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Current state of R packages for the design of experiments

experimental design

Your analytical toolkit matters very little if the data are no good. Ideally you want to know to how the data were collected before delving into the analysis of the data; better yet, get involved _before_ the collection of data and design its collection. In this post I explore some of the top downloaded R packages for the design of experiments and analysis of experimental data.

Drawing a UML Sequence Diagram


Search for the way to draw a UML sequence diagram.

My Travel Schedule 2019: Building an interactive visualisation as twitter card


Making an interactive schedule heat map with interactive twitter card display.

Making a Hexagon Sticker


Making hexagon stickers have become popular for R-packages with the range of packages associated with RStudio, such as `ggplot2`, `knitr`, `devtools` and so on, having its own hex stickers. For the sticker that I made for my R-package I found it easier, partly due to its long name, to use powerpoint to manipulate the image and create a semi-circular text.

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